What You Need to Turn Your Connected Car Product or App into a Successful Business

The first ConCar Expo, held recently in Düsseldorf Germany, put a spotlight on many key sectors that are turning the idea of a “connected car” into real business opportunities. Our TERALINK Solutions/POST Luxembourg Group exhibition booth was surrounded by software and hardware companies showing powerful new technologies and products for mapping, route visualization, next-generation sensors & telematics devices, theft control, connected car apps, smart parking, car sharing and much more.

And all the exhibitors had one thing in common: they need connectivity to make their product or application work. That’s why many exhibitors and show attendees stopped by our booth to talk with us about how we provide virtually 100% coverage in Europe – plus connectivity worldwide. And it was during these conversations that I realized several important things about running a successful connected car business that I’d like to share with you.

First, most of our visitors hadn’t considered how connectivity management was essential to running a connected car business. It’s one thing to create an insurance telematics app or a smart shock absorber, but quite another to manage the connectivity that makes it possible. SIMs have to be provisioned, installed, tested, tracked, billed and associated with a vehicle and an owner over the lifetime of the car.

So, to build a successful connected car business, you need a highly scalable management platform that enables fast deployment, cost control, invoicing, account management, API integration and more. The fact that we provide this service through our M2M Control Center, powered by Jasper (Cisco), was of real interest to our visitors.

Second, I talked to them about the importance of security. Vehicle owners may want to enjoy the benefits offered by next-generation connected cars, but only if they are confident their personal data is private and that they are protected against hackers and criminal attacks. That’s why I described how we provide state-of-the-art security for the device, application and network levels, and have the expertise to implement custom security solutions when required.

Third, booth visitors made it clear to me that they were concerned about network performance over time. With more and more connected devices and applications coming online, bandwidth limitations and pressure on network availability could keep their products from working and be an existential threat to their business. Plus, the development of autonomous driving will exponentially increase bandwidth demand.

They were reassured when I told them that over the last 5 years of operating up to 1.5 million SIMs, with 1.2 million connected telematics devices, we’ve provided 100% uptime. We also offer “M2M with no steering,” which means the vehicle will always be connected to the best available network. As for the future, we will maintain our proprietary network with state-of-the-art technology and continue to partner with companies that provide leading-edge network service.

To sum it up, ConCar 2016 helped me clearly identify four key things you need to turn your connected product or app into a successful business:

1. Ubiquitous connectivity
2. Connectivity management
3. Security
4. Performance

To learn more about how we can work with you to develop your connected car business, please contact me.

To find out more about TERALINK Solutions/POST Luxembourg connected car solutions, you can download this presentation or visit our website.