Providing Intelematics with the Best Managed Connectivity for IoT Services in Europe

Australian company Intelematics has been at the forefront of the automotive telematics industry for over 15 years. Recently, it introduced its powerful telematics platform to Automobile Clubs in Europe, and it already counts Clubs in the UK, The Netherlands and Austria as customers. Offering telematics services that enable remote diagnostics, connected insurance and more, Intelematics has set its sights on being the preferred provider to Automobile Clubs throughout Europe and beyond.

To help them turn this vision into a reality, Intelematics sought a telecommunications partner who could serve all the Clubs in Europe. After evaluating many service providers, they chose POST Luxembourg Group and its international brand TERALINK Solutions.

While one point of contact for a Europe-wide mobile network was a key factor in this choice, Intelematics also looked carefully at quality of service. They found that large network providers are not flexible with coverage options, preferring to use their own networks or steer traffic to preferred partners. This leads to “white spots” or worse, a blackout if there is a network failure in their own system. In contrast, TERALINK Solutions, through POST Luxembourg, works with every mobile operator in Europe and has “no steering” – which ensures an immediate connection to the best available network at all times. Intelematics can tell Clubs that with its platform their members will have the highest possible uptime.

Intelematics also required SIM management and specified that this be done through the state-of-the-art Jasper platform. For several years, POST Luxembourg has been offering M2M managed connectivity through a control center powered by Jasper. So we are able to offer Intelematics complete SIM lifecycle management and give them the flexibility to manage customers directly in the Jasper control center.

Now, in practice, our SIM is inserted into an OBD2 dongle where it provides connectivity to mobile networks and the application server. Automobile Clubs can, for example, use remote diagnostics to warn a driver of a potential problem or understand in advance what service is needed when a breakdown occurs. The Club will know whether to send a mechanic with a part that needs to be replaced or send a tow truck.

Thanks to our years of M2M experience, we’ve been able to design custom solutions for Intelematics. We give them the ability to test SIMs in a number of regions around the world and facilitate ordering, delivery and testing of OBD devices. Plus, we’ve created an offer where Club members can choose on a per SIM basis whether they want best price or best coverage. For drivers who stay principally in one country, this flexibility is appreciated.

As Intelematics increases its reach into more and more countries, they will have no concerns about scalability or loss of performance. The POST Luxembourg service is scalable to millions of devices.

Cost is important, of course, and as Intelematics Europe CEO Jim Kennedy said, “POST Luxembourg and its international brand TERALINK Solutions have a highly competitive commercial offering.” If you’d like more information about our industry leading telematics solutions, please contact me.