How the Business Club Luxembourg in Germany Facilitates Successful Bi-Lateral Business

You may be surprised to know that more and more German companies are looking to form business partnerships with Luxembourgish companies and set up operations in Luxembourg. And the reverse is true as well, with a growing number of Luxembourgish companies looking to new… Read more

We’re Sponsoring an Exciting Evening of Wushu (Martial Arts) & Dance!

TERALINK Solutions and POST Group are strong supporters of the Chinese community in Luxembourg. Over time, we’ve established many excellent relationships with Chinese companies and are currently providing ICT services for a number of Chinese banks. So it’s only natural… Read more

Launch of TERALINK Solutions Helps POST Telecom Win Prestigious Award

2015 saw the launch of TERALINK Solutions as the international business arm of POST Telecom. With a powerful technological infrastructure and deep ICT experience, POST Telecom took this important step to help cement its role as a key international player. On the national… Read more

We’re Now TERALINK Solutions!

An Evolution that Reflects Our Power as an International Player You may be aware that POST Telecom is well known as a leading European provider of integrated telecom and ICT services. What you may not know is that, over the last few years, we’ve quietly evolved into a… Read more

Delivering Compliant Managed Services & Business Apps — Fast & On Demand

Over decades of telecom service to consumers and businesses, POST developed an excellent infrastructure with extensive connectivity and bandwidth. Then, around ten years ago, we moved up the value chain to provide managed services for high-level customers that wanted… Read more

Merger Creates Powerhouse Research Center in Luxembourg

2015 got off to an exciting start in Luxembourg as two outstanding research centers merged to form the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). This is excellent news for companies and entrepreneurs around the world that would like support for their innovation… Read more

2014: A Breakout Year for the Startup Ecosystem in Luxembourg

In 2014, the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg had a breakout year with the launch of many exciting new organizations and initiatives that support entrepreneurs and startups. Luxembourg has long been entrepreneur-friendly, and now these new resources make it even easier and… Read more

Cutting Through EU VAT Complexity

A Key Reason Why Luxembourg is an Ideal EU Headquarters Location Many eBusiness and media startups along with established companies want to enter the EU eMarketplace. The potential is enormous, with over 500 million Internet-savvy consumers ready to buy goods and services… Read more