Luxembourg’s Business-Friendly Government Propels eCommerce & Media Companies

I’m often asked how the micro-sized country of Luxembourg has become such a large economic powerhouse. People are intrigued by the fact that its GDP per capita is among the highest in the world and its ICT and physical infrastructure are state-of-the-art. I believe… Read more

Why TDF Chose TERALINK to Provide Comprehensive Broadcast Services

Thanks to TDF’s high standards of quality, millions of people in France can be sure their favorite TV and radio stations will be on the air all the time. Working at the very heart of the digital revolution, TDF is developing a multi-format and multi-support terrestrial platform for managing and distributing audio, video and data content… Read more

PlaySatCom’s Turnkey Connectivity and Broadcasting Services Showcased at CABSAT 2013

If media companies could have unlimited connectivity and broadcast services from one supplier, they could easily launch new TV channels and broadcast anywhere, anytime. They would be able to react quickly to new market opportunities while reducing management complexity and… Read more

Why New TV Channels Are Going on the Air from Luxembourg – The Edonys Story

A colleague of mine recently had an interesting conversation with Mr. Julien Dumont, CEO of Edonys — an innovative new TV channel for wine enthusiasts. He learned why Edonys chose to establish its business in Luxembourg and was told in detail why P&TLuxembourg and… Read more

The Vicus Luxlink-Teralink Partnership Gives Customers Enhanced Worldwide Connectivity Through Satellite Services

Many companies and broadcasters need worldwide connectivity, even at sea or in remote locations not served by fibre networks. All organisations want affordable, secure communications that are fast to activate and easy to manage. That my company, Vicus Luxlink, can provide… Read more

Surprising Predictions for the Future of Media and Telecommunications

In my previous blog entry, I talked about broadcasters and content providers discovering new telecom solutions to deliver their product to as many consumers as possible. Now, I want to tell you about another innovation taking hold in Europe and predictions for the future of… Read more

Broadcasters and Telcos Team Up To Offer New Services

At the most recent workshop my colleagues at TERALINK and I organized, we had a great exchange of ideas between people from TV broadcasters, bouquet providers, telecoms, manufacturers, and other related fields. It was exciting to hear how the industries are working together… Read more

Turnkey Video Transport and Uplink For European Commission

Broadcasters, media companies and institutions face a common challenge: how to cost-effectively transport video from the point of origin to the editing studio and then uplink to satellites. TERALINK and P&TLuxembourg offer turnkey solutions that accomplish this, and I’ve… Read more