Cloud & ICT

How Visionary Digital Strategy Turned Luxembourg into an ICT Powerhouse

It’s no accident that Luxembourg has become a powerful ICT player on the world stage. The Luxembourg government’s vision, careful planning and focused execution have turned the country into an ICT powerhouse that has attracted IT giants such as Amazon, PayPal, eBay and… Read more

Our Biotech Sector Cloud Expertise Featured at BioIT 2016

The tagline for the 2016 BioIT World Conference and Expo is “Enabling Technology – Leveraging Data – Transforming Medicine.” So it’s appropriate that TERALINK Solutions be an exhibitor at this event, since we’ve developed specific Biotech sector expertise that… Read more

POST Telecom and SoftLayer® Partnership Adds Great Value for Customers

I’m pleased to announce that POST Telecom recently signed a partnership agreement with SoftLayer® - an IBM Company - that delivers many advantages to customers of each company. SoftLayer® is a global IaaS provider that, by the end of 2015, will operate 40 interconnected… Read more

Why a Fast-Growing Fintech Company Chooses Luxembourg

The Bankable Story Recently I wrote a blog about the dynamic Fintech (Financial Technologies) sector in Luxembourg. I talked about the many reasons why Luxembourg has become a major European Fintech Hub. To give you a great real-world example, I spoke with Eric… Read more

Fintech in Luxembourg – Powering a Paradigm Shift in Financial Services

A paradigm shift, driven by technology, is creating an exciting new era in financial services. Known as “Fintech,” a contraction of “financial” and “technology,” it is a term used for any technology applied to financial services. It describes technologies used… Read more

Datacentres, Connectivity and the Cloud Power European Business

Datacentre Europe 2014 in Monaco Showcases Top Solution Providers eCommerce, online gaming and media companies rely on enormous amounts of data to do business – data that is stored securely and is instantly available at all times. At the same time, companies in almost… Read more

What You Need to Consider When Choosing European Cloud Services

Cloud Services can help companies that are new to the European marketplace quickly and cost-effectively set up operations. Cloud Services can also help companies already doing business in Europe penetrate new markets and reduce operating costs. It’s not always clearly… Read more

How to Choose a Datacentre Location for EU Business — And Why Luxembourg is an Ideal Choice

How to Evaluate a Datacentre — Part 2 Recently, I wrote a blog containing part one of an interview about how to evaluate a datacentre that I conducted with Tom Kettels, from the Luxembourg Ministry of State, Department of Media and Communications. He provided a lot of… Read more