Micaël Weber's blog posts

How Visionary Digital Strategy Turned Luxembourg into an ICT Powerhouse

It’s no accident that Luxembourg has become a powerful ICT player on the world stage. The Luxembourg government’s vision, careful planning and focused execution have turned the country into an ICT powerhouse that has attracted IT giants such as Amazon, PayPal, eBay and… Read more

Bright Box Selects POST Luxembourg’s Mobile Infrastructure & Managed Connectivity

Recently, the global connected car hardware and software company Bright Box selected TERALINK Solutions, POST Luxembourg Group, to provide the mobile infrastructure and managed connectivity for its “Remoto” connected car platform. Already connecting 700+ dealerships and… Read more

How the Business Club Luxembourg in Germany Facilitates Successful Bi-Lateral Business

You may be surprised to know that more and more German companies are looking to form business partnerships with Luxembourgish companies and set up operations in Luxembourg. And the reverse is true as well, with a growing number of Luxembourgish companies looking to new… Read more

Synedge’s CDN Leverages TERALINK to Improve Content Delivery to End Users

Did you know that 60% of all Internet traffic is routed through content delivery networks (CDNs)? This surprising fact is a result of end-user demand for faster Internet performance, speed and reliability. For media, gaming, streaming, gambling and interactive content,… Read more

We’re Sponsoring an Exciting Evening of Wushu (Martial Arts) & Dance!

TERALINK Solutions and POST Group are strong supporters of the Chinese community in Luxembourg. Over time, we’ve established many excellent relationships with Chinese companies and are currently providing ICT services for a number of Chinese banks. So it’s only natural… Read more

TERALINK Solutions and A+G: An Event Together in Saarbrucken (DE) to Present Mutual Cloud Solutions

Summary: German companies find a world-class ICT infrastructure and the EU’s strongest data security legislation in Luxembourg. Learn more in an event presented by A+G Connect, a leading provider of “One Stop Convergence,” and TERALINK, offering international… Read more

Berlin Event Brings Expert Luxembourg and German IoT Players Together

“Economic and political relations between Luxembourg and Germany are excellent, and the German business community has a high appreciation of the quality of Luxembourg products and technologies.” This is a comment made by Luxembourg’s esteemed ambassador to Germany,… Read more

For Cybersecurity Act Now – Tomorrow Will be Too Late

That’s the title of the Cybersecurity Forum 2016 that takes place in Luxembourg at the Chambre de Commerce on March 15th 2016. This event, presented by POST Luxembourg and EBRC, will provide attendees with invaluable information about the subject that is the number one… Read more