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Providing Intelematics with the Best Managed Connectivity for IoT Services in Europe

Australian company Intelematics has been at the forefront of the automotive telematics industry for over 15 years. Recently, it introduced its powerful telematics platform to Automobile Clubs in Europe, and it already counts Clubs in the UK, The Netherlands and Austria as… Read more

What You Need to Turn Your Connected Car Product or App into a Successful Business

The first ConCar Expo, held recently in Düsseldorf Germany, put a spotlight on many key sectors that are turning the idea of a “connected car” into real business opportunities. Our TERALINK Solutions/POST Luxembourg Group exhibition booth was surrounded by software and… Read more

The First CONCAR Expo a Flashpoint for New Connected Car Technologies

As the website for the first CONCAR Expo exclaims, “one of the megatrends of the automobile industry is the networked vehicle…and now the automobile revolution has its own trade fair!” It’s exciting to think about how technologies for networked vehicles are creating… Read more