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Launch of TERALINK Solutions Helps POST Telecom Win Prestigious Award

2015 saw the launch of TERALINK Solutions as the international business arm of POST Telecom. With a powerful technological infrastructure and deep ICT experience, POST Telecom took this important step to help cement its role as a key international player. On the national…

For Cybersecurity Act Now – Tomorrow Will be Too Late

That’s the title of the Cybersecurity Forum 2016 that takes place in Luxembourg at the Chambre de Commerce on March 15th 2016. This event, presented by POST Luxembourg and EBRC, will provide attendees with invaluable information about the subject that is the number one…

POST Telecom and SoftLayer® Partnership Adds Great Value for Customers

I’m pleased to announce that POST Telecom recently signed a partnership agreement with SoftLayer® - an IBM Company - that delivers many advantages to customers of each company. SoftLayer® is a global IaaS provider that, by the end of 2015, will operate 40 interconnected…

Luxembourg’s Business-Friendly Government Propels eCommerce & Media Companies

I’m often asked how the micro-sized country of Luxembourg has become such a large economic powerhouse. People are intrigued by the fact that its GDP per capita is among the highest in the world and its ICT and physical infrastructure are state-of-the-art. I believe…

Essential eSecurity Information Presented at Cyber Fortress Luxembourg Event – View Video and Get Details

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s key IT and media centers, so it follows that eSecurity is a critically important issue for both companies and the government. And this is why POST Telecom and EBRC hosted an eSecurity workshop featuring industry eSecurity experts and…

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